Greetings everyone, I’m looking forward to a wonderful touring season. We are always looking for new tour ideas. If you have visited a place you think would be of interest to the club please reach out to me or our tour committee. Our vice president Bill Brum is the chair of the tour committee and his contact information is included in the newsletter.

We held our annual Awards Banquet at the Fireside Grill in Middleboro again this year. Over 75 members enjoyed a time of good food and conversation. We had lots to celebrate this year after a very successful New England meet. So many club members were involved in coordinating this monumental undertaking. This was the first New England meet held post Covid so all the rules and prices changed. Our chairman for the event was Lou Zadra who spent 3 years negotiating with all the venues during this ever changing and uncertain time. Lou was this year’s recipient of the Richard L Morgan award for all his hard work. Pat Zwicker was this year’s recipient of the Marie L Smith award for her dedication to the club by coordinating the Raffle Room. Many other members were involved in the New England meet being a success and received Certificates of Appreciation from the club.

This year we are going to bring back the Tech Seminars. Chuck and Dolores Marchewka will be the host for the first one on Sunday April 23rd so watch for details. Also the apparel is in and I will bring it to the April meeting.

See you soon,

Mike Kelly – MARCOM President