Greetings all:

I want to thank member Mike Vartanian for a very informative presentation. I couldn’t
help thinking that these were the same type of problem-solving skills which drove the
industrial revolution 150 plus years ago. I enjoyed learning the process of making an
injection mold. Having worked on automobiles all my life I’ve always been amazed at
how intricate an engine casting is and the people that figured it out. Thanks again Mike
for the glimpse into the process.

I also want to thank everyone who came to the Rainbow camp in Hanson for the
President’s tour. This was the first time the public was invited to see this hidden gem.
Everyone who attended was duly impressed and enjoyed a wonderful meal. In our fastpaced world it was nice to see a place where young people can slow down and get
back to nature. As with every organization, including our own, we need to promote and
educate the next generation about our history. Hopefully this will become an annual

Our tour schedule is starting to get busy so please try and attend the many events.
There are two Memorial Day parades we have been invited to. One in Raynham on the
27th and Halifax on the 29th. I will send out flyers in a couple of days when I get all the

Happy Motoring;

Mike Kelly – MARCOM President