2023 – December President’s Message

2023 – December President’s Message

MARCOM had its Annual Christmas Party on December 1st, and a good time was had by all. I want to
thank all the members who prepared and shared their favorite dishes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful feast. Special thanks to Dolores Marchewka for
coordinating this annual event and the members who came early to help setup. Also, thanks to Karen
Kullas for facilitating the gift swap and her thoughtfulness and generosity to make sure our young
guests were not disappointed.

I want to thank Joe Amara for filling the position of Vice President for the coming year. The board of
directors were pleased to appoint Joe to fill the position. I’m looking forward to working with him this
coming year.

Lastly, I want to thank Bill Brum for a job well done and wish him well in his next adventure
(RETIREMENT). Bill and Kerrie will be moving to Florida at some point this summer. Bill along with
his wife Kerrie and Carol Kennedy have coordinated many successful tours and programs. If you
enjoyed the Cape Canal Picnic Tour or the training session on fasteners at the New England Meet,
you’ll know what I mean. The Canal Picnic was a brilliant solution to a very difficult time with Covid.

Mike Kelly – MARCOM President