Greetings Everyone

I’m sorry I missed a great meeting on the 7th. I was informed a good time was had by all. I want to thank our Vice President Bill Brum for a great program and let’s not forget the Ice Cream! I want to thank Fran Pyne and company for getting all the supplies and their hard work for the Ice Cream Social.

Mother Nature has not been very cooperative for the tour schedule. We had to cancel or postpone several of our tours due to rain. The weather in general has been very difficult for planning any outside activities, even just a cruise to get an ice cream. Let’s hope the later part of the summer is cooperative for the New England meet. Our friends in the Long Island club sure need good weather to have a successful meet. The support we got from them was a big part of our success so if you are planning to go to the New England meet this year get your reservation in.

When I first started this tenure as president many topics as to how to improve and grow our club were discussed such as a new member package and Youth projects. If anyone is interested in working on these projects let me know. There’s a nationwide campaign for youth involvement and lots of help from the national clubs.


Mike Kelly – MARCOM President