Greetings all, the New England Meet is fast approaching and I’m hoping the Long Island club has the same success as we did. I’m looking forward to meeting many new Model A enthusiasts and sharing stories. By supporting other clubs and keeping our hobby growing, this will ensure it will be around for another 100 years.

I did get an email from Jim Zimmer the MARC Regional Director urging each region to try and reach 100% membership of their club. I would encourage everyone to investigate joining the national clubs. There’re some benefits to being a member on many levels. Both MARC and MAFCA offer a bi-monthly magazine with many helpful tips on keeping your A running well, also articles from other clubs around the country and what they’re doing to keep our hobby alive.

I mentioned at our last meeting that I would like to try and get some form of youth group started. If a few members would like to see this happen I would be happy to hear your ideas.

Mike Kelly – MARCOM President