2019 – April Presidents’ Message

2019 – April Presidents’ Message

Last month I presented a short slide show of a collection of cars that I had visited a few years ago.  The collection consisted of about 100 vehicles and each one has fewer than 5,000 miles on them.  I again must thank Suzann Jackson for the donation of her wonderful quilted items for the raffle.  This generous donation certainly helps fund our club!

The first tour of the season was the President’s Tour on April 7th.  We had one breakdown, a 1929 Station Wagon that got a little hot!  We had 19 cars and 35 people on the tour!  Nice to see two past Presidents on the tour who we have not seen in a while, Colin McCarthy with his wife Pam and Paul Lucchetti with his wife Kathy.  It was a tremendous showing on a great day.  The Annual V8 Ford Flea Market in Fitchburg is April 28th.  The Sticker Day Tour, originally scheduled for May 5th has been changed to May 19th.  This is a MARCOM member only tour!  Anyone who desires to run a tour, or has an idea for a tour, kindly contact Mike.  The program for the May meeting will be a video of a car program, presented by Don Karp.

Our Annual Awards Lunch was held on Sunday, March 31, 2019.  The recipients of the Morgan – Smith awards were Fran Pyne and Steve Pyne.

Members, please let us know if you would like to present a program or have ideas for a program at a future meeting.  You can contact me, or any Board member.  We still need a few programs for the upcoming year!

For any updates regarding the club’s functions, please go to the website and view the calendar.

Dean Zwicker – MARCOM President