2019 – March Presidents’ Message

2019 – March Presidents’ Message

I want to thank Bill and Kerrie Brum for the Pie Extrav “A” ganza they organized for the March meeting.  I am sure that everyone enjoyed the pies and ice cream, as well as having time to talk with other members while eating!  I again must thank Suzann Jackson for the donation of her wonderful quilted items for the raffle.  This generous donation helps with some of the operating costs of the club, and they are a great enjoyment for those that win one.

The first tour of the season will be the President’s Tour.  It will be held on April 7, 2019.  We will go on a short shake down tour and then end up at a restaurant where we can order from the menu.   Information regarding time and place is elsewhere in the newsletter.  Anyone who desires to run a tour, or has an idea for a tour, kindly contact Mike.  The program for the April meeting will be a short slide show of a collection of antique vehicles that I visited two years ago.  All the vehicles have been driven less than 5,000 miles each.

Our Annual Flea Market at the Holmes Transportation Building was held on Sunday March 3, 2019.  This is our major money making event for the club.  We were very lucky, as it snowed Saturday and Monday, but Sunday was fairly warm and no snow!  I want to thank all the workers that helped, as well as the members that donated food for our food booth.  I want to thank the women that worked so hard at the food booth, Sara Kelly, Laurie O’Connor and her granddaughter, Karen Newcomb. and Sue Menard.  The winner of the $25.00 Gift Certificate, donated by Rock Auto, was won by Steve Bolger of North Dighton, MA.

Our Annual Awards Lunch will be held on Sunday, March 31, 2019.  There is further information regarding the Lunch elsewhere in the newsletter.

I want to thank those members who submitted their nominations for the Morgan Smith Awards.  This is a very important award, and a wonderful tradition of the MARCOM club.

Members, please let us know if you would like to present a program or have ideas for a program at a future meeting.  You can contact me, or any Board member.  We will need programs for the upcoming year!  I really would appreciate someone to step up to coordinate the programs for the year.

For any updates regarding the club’s functions, please go to the website and view the calendar.

Dean Zwicker – MARCOM President