2019 – October Presidents’ Message

2019 – October Presidents’ Message

Our program for October was a Pumpkin Carving Contest presented by Jeri and Rick Coffey. Many members participated and had a good time. Thanks to Jeri and Rick for the goodies and prizes that they provided. The winner for the Scariest was Ewin Knowles, the Funniest, Wyatt Kelly, and the Most Original was Kerrie Brum. I want to thank Suzann Jackson once again for her fine quilted items. These donations really help our raffles and our club financially! Next month’s program will be our annual Auction! Please bring items that you believe that people would desire. This is to benefit our club! There will be three raccoon coats donated by Nancy and Dennis Delano. These three items will have a minimum bid amount placed on them. Please bring your money and or checks to the meeting, so you can bid and go home with some treasures!

The Nominations were submitted by Ben Johnson.

President – Chuck Marchewka Vice President- Mike Kelly Secretary- Sue Menard Treasurer- Steve Pyne Membership- Rick Coffey

Board of Directors

Lou Zadra Bill Brum Dean Zwicker Ann O’Brien

There were no nominations from the floor. Voting will be done at the November meeting.

I want to thank the Finance Review Committee, Pat Zwicker- Chairperson, Dolores Marchewka, and Jane Ketchen, for the audit review. I also want to thank Ben Johnson- Chairperson, Bruce Madio, Peter Leif, and Doug Stewart for serving on the Nomination Committee.

November 3rd will be the Frostbite Tour to Wright’s Chicken Farm. For those that desire to go, please send me a check made out to MARCOM in the amount of $20.00 per person.  We will be meeting at Honey Dew Donuts at 10:30 AM and leaving at 11:00 AM. Our seating is at 12:30 PM.

November 23rd will be the Plymouth Parade. Although this is a paid event for the Old Colony Model T Club, MARCOM has been asked for cars by the OCMTC, and MARCOM will be paid $20.00 for each car.

For further details regarding tours or parades, please see the information on the website, newsletter or contact the Tour Chairperson, Mike Kelly.

Although we have programs for November and December, please give thoughts to a program that you would like to have during next year. For any updates regarding the club’s functions, please go to the website and view the calendar.

Dean Zwicker – MARCOM President